Our Hive.
Your Honey.

Launch or Grow Your Own Custom Brand of Supplements with ZERO Upfront Inventory Cost. We Automate the Branding, Logistics and Fulfillment of Your Products, On-Demand.

Behold, HoneyComm!

HoneyComm is oh-so-simple, and the honeypot is ever-so-sweet: You pick the products to market, our system walks you through how to create a competitive, compliant, scalable brand that spreads like pollen at a fraction of the traditional cost. 

We’re the first fully automated, vertically integrated, dropshipping on-demand system for consumable products. More than a technology platform, HoneyComm is powered by a bustling hive of experts at the ready to help your business take flight.

We’ve built the entire hive to service your business. You focus on making the honey. It’s the ultimate sweet spot.

No Upfront Inventory Cost. No Minimum Order Quantities. No Warehousing Fees. No Fulfillment Fees. No Storage Fees. No Freight Fees. No Quality Control Fees. Just High Quality, Private Label Supplements Drop Shipped On-Demand.

Your Brand.
Your Buzz.

Want to get customers swarming? Our colony will help you build your brand and turn up the buzz. Whether you’re looking to start selling supplements or simply adding new SKUs to your existing lineup, HoneyComm is the most time efficient, cost-effective way to take flight. 

Now you can choose from an incredible catalog of high quality, high performing products and our system will show you how to create your own branded labels, connect to your website, and fulfill your orders in real time.

Put your time into building the buzz, we’ll take care of building the bizz.

Premium Supplements Made with Quality & Care.

We take supplements seriously. When you partner with HoneyComm, you get access to a portfolio of products you’ll be proud to put your name on and stand behind. Our manufacturing facilities not only meet our strict safety criteria, they exceed the highest cGMP standards for quality enforced by the USFDA for consumable products. With HoneyComm, you can sell with confidence and take care of your customers.

There is Nothing Sticky About It.
Just In-Demand Products, Drop Shipped to Your Customers On-Demand.


Sports Nutrition


Skin Care

For Pets

And More!

Time to Make The Honey!

The Fastest, Most Affordable Way to Get Your Supplements to Market. Sourcing, Formulating, Manufacturing, Packing, Storing, Shipping––HoneyComm Automates it All.

USA Made Supplements Shipped at the Speed of Flight.

Our US Based manufacturing and fulfillment centers can guarantee that your customers will get the products they order as promised. No more tracking import schedules. No more deadlines for getting products into shipping facilities. No more worrying about shipping products to your customers. Your products are shipped directly to your customers in 24 hours and arrive in days, not weeks.

Meet the Swarm of Services Working to Automate Your E-Commerce Business.

HoneyComm is a lot more than just a dropshipping software. Our platform automates your E-Commerce supplements business from manufacturing to fulfillment:

No Colony Too Big.
No Hive Too Small.

HoneyComm is built to support you and your business needs from launch, through growth and allows you to scale. You can get started with 1 or 100 products, it’s totally up to you! Whether you’re a Fitness Professional looking to build your own brand, a Clinician looking to offer your patients high quality supplements, or an E-Commerce guru ready to expand your product portfolio, our busy bees have a plan and the support ready for your success.

Have a List But Nothing to Launch?

Do you have a community, but no brand or E-Commerce store to sell from?
We have a solution for that! Our full service web development and E-Commerce specialists and marketing teams will engage to create your brand, your store and your marketing foundation.

Let us be your worker bees! Start or grow your business with zero inventory investment and more than 150 US, cGMP, FDA compliant supplements to choose from. Our eCommerce automation platform opens the door to new and exciting opportunities for you and your business.

The Hive Community

You’re definitely in business for yourself. But with the Hive, you’re not in business by yourself.

The Hive is our private community for HoneyComm Members. You’ll find step-by-step tutorials, connect with other Members of the Hive who share similar interests or experience levels, and get access to live events designed to boost your business and your revenue. Sometimes your business needs more than submitting a Support Ticket. Lean on the power of our community and get the help you need to make your business thrive!

Dip Into the Most Powerful Platform on the Market and Take Advantage Our Hive. Automate the Entire Process and Start Watching the Honey Pour In.

Our current app integrations include:

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