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Your Advantage.

The HoneyComm Advantage is our ability to all but eliminate the time and costs that come with doing business in the supplement space the ways it had been done traditionally. Now you can put more of your time and money into marketing your products, where they should be.

In any consumable goods business, inventory costs and time can make or break you. Let’s take a look at an example of what it might cost to purchase start up inventory for as few as five products in the Keto / Weight Loss space when dealing with lead times and minimum order quantities (MOQ).

Keto Chocolate

Greens Powder

Fat Burner

Sleep Support

Digestive Cleanser

Lead Time

2-4 Weeks

2-4 Weeks

2-4 Weeks

2-4 Weeks

2-4 Weeks







Common Price






Total Cost






The Traditional Way


Inventory Costs

The HoneyComm Way


No Upfront Inventory Costs*

* Platform Fees: $397 Setup + $97 / Mo.

Say goodbye to lead times and order minimums with HoneyComm. Our system is always full of inventory that is automatically pulled from at the time that you sell products to your customers. Did we mention that we label, package and ship your products for you automatically too?

Look What Can Actually Happen When You Let Our Hive Do the Heavy Lifting for You!

“I cannot recommend Honeycomm highly enough. Their process from start to finish is seamless. There’s no overhead front loading inventory, no headaches with fulfilling and shipping products, and the products are extremely high quality. We launched our nutrition line and had over $60,000 in sales in the first three months without a dollar spent in marketing. I look forward to continuing to growing our brand and impacting lives through our partnership with Honeycomm.”

Cody Bobay, CEO of Gibborim Studios

By the Numbers

Industry: Nutrition and Fitness Brand

Advertising Type: Influencer – All Social Posting

 Advertising Cost: $0

Upfront Inventory Cost: $0

Launch Date: June 7th, 2021

Launch Week Sales: $12,925.31

First 90 Days Sales: $60,788.47

Average Gross Profit: 49.2%

Total Profit: $29,907.93

Launch Week Sales: $12,925.31

90 Day Sales: $60,788.47

Launching or Growing Your Own Brand of Supplements Has Never Been Easier. Put Our Hive to Work For You and Start Filling Your Money Jars Today!