Apple Cider Vinegar + Cayenne Pepper

Category: Herbal Extracts
Format: Capsules
Count Size: 60 Capsules

Your Cost: $10.31

Suggested MRSP: $19.96-$26.96
Markup On Total Cost: 331.61%

Anti-microbial and detoxifier. Promotes healthy digestion and weight loss.

Q. How much acetic acid does the product contain? Also, does it contain “the mother”?

A. Product provides 5% acid. This product does not contain the mother.


Q. Who would be the ideal customer for a product like this?

A. Individuals looking to detoxify the body and burn fat.* 


Q. Is there anything unique about this product that makes it stand out from competitors?

A. Cayenne provides an extra fat burning effect.* 


*HoneyComm is not liable for any of the statements listed above. These statements may be used for marketing, but only with the disclaimer that these statements are not approved by the FDA.

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