Discover How To Launch Your Own Private Label Supplement Brand Without EVER Having To Spend A Dime On Inventory!

We’ll show you how to get an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE that makes it possible for even a complete beginner to be up and running with their own online store and generating revenue within 30 days.

The Path To Ecommerce Success Can Be Frustrating

You’re excited about starting your own online ecommerce business selling supplements…

Or you’re an established online store owner who is looking to scale and grow.

But you’re always battling particular challenges… ones that can be overwhelming at times and can lead to you taking backward steps when you really need to keep a forward momentum.

  • What products should I be selling?
  • Who can I buy my products from without the fear of being let down?
  • Can I afford the minimum order quantities needed for my products?
  • What if I don’t sell my products and I’m left with inventory on the shelf?
  • Where will I find the time to manage my inventory, fulfillment, and shipping?

These are just a few of the headaches faced by online supplement store owners for years.

It can be extremely frustrating when you have limited capital, time, and resources… but you wake up every morning with a burning desire to either start your online ecommerce supplement business or make improvements to the one you’ve already invested blood, sweat, and tears into.

You can spend days and weeks researching products and suppliers.

Only to constantly remind yourself of how damaging making the wrong choices could be to your success.

How do I know that the product is ethical and actually contains what the label shows?

And how do I guarantee that there aren’t any hidden ingredients in the product?

Can I really trust my supplier to deliver on time every time?

Am I taking too big a financial risk with inventory?

These are big questions that can paralyse you and your business.

And maybe some of these are already holding you back!

If so, we have the perfect solution…


The first fully automated, vertically integrated, dropshipping on demand system for consumable products.

Whether you’re looking to start selling supplements or simply adding new SKUs to your existing lineup, HoneyComm is the most time efficient, cost effective solution available.

We’re Not Just A Fancy Fulfillment Center

We’re so much more…

We have agreements in place with significant players in the supplement space that allows us to bring you only premium grade products both right now and in the future. The result is simply access to quality products “that sell”.

Plus “new to the market” trending products that allow you to capitalize before others jump on the bandwagon.

HoneyComm’s manufacturing and fulfillment facility is FDA Registered, meaning that you never need to worry about quality standards being met every step at each step in the process. Instead you can focus your time and energy on marketing and growing your online business.

Speaking about supplement manufacturing, do you know of any manufacturers who want to work directly with online store owners offering them access to their products with absolutely NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY requirements?

It simply doesn’t get any better than dealing directly with the manufacturer of the product you’re selling. Welcome to the top of the food chain!

Build your catalog in no time! Our E-Commerce integrations will literally save you hundreds of man hours.

No need to manually upload any products to your Shopify store. Just select the products you’d like to sell from within the HoneyComm app and these will be immediately added to your store. 

Create your own custom brand labels within our app and have a direct line of communication with our team of experts who will ensure your label design is 100% FDA compliant.

As we add new and exciting products to the HoneyComm app, you will immediately have access to these with just a few clicks.

When your customer’s order is ready to be shipped, we take care of that through our in-house drop shipping fulfillment center which has a proven track record of handling and shipping thousands of orders every single day.

Orders received before noon CST during the week are processed and shipped SAME DAY. Orders received after noon CST are processed the following day.

Behold, HoneyComm!

No Upfront Inventory Cost. No Minimum Order Quantities. No Warehousing Fees. No Fulfillment Fees. No Storage Fees. No Freight Fees. No Quality Control Fees. Just High Quality, Private Label Supplements Drop Shipped On-Demand.

Zero Inventory Cost

We ELIMINATE all inventory costs. You choose from hundreds of high quality, high performing, US made products and our system will show you how to create your own branded labels, connect to your E-Commerce store, and fulfill your orders in real time, without spending a dime on inventory.

Yes, you read that right: With HoneyComm, you only pay for the products you sell, as you sell them. We do the heavy lifting, you make the honey.

It’s the ultimate sweet spot.

Premium Supplements Made with Quality & Care.

We take supplements seriously. When you partner with HoneyComm, you get access to a portfolio of products you’ll be proud to put your name on and stand behind. Our manufacturing facilities exceed the highest cGMP standards for quality enforced by the USFDA for consumable products, so you can sell with confidence and take care of your customers.

US Made Supplements Shipped at the Speed of Flight

Our US Based manufacturing and fulfillment centers can help guarantee that your customers will get the products they order in days, not weeks. No more tracking import schedules, no more deadlines for getting products into shipping facilities. Your products are made and shipped door to door from right here in the USA.

There is Nothing Sticky About It.
Just In-Demand Products, Drop Shipped to Your Customers On-Demand.


Sports Nutrition


Skin Care

For Pets

And More!

HoneyComm is more than just a dropshipping software. Our platform automates your E-Commerce supplements business for you.

Access To Experts With Over 100 Years Of Combined Hands On Experience

You’re definitely in business for yourself. But with the Hive, you’re not in business by yourself.

The Hive is our private community for HoneyComm Members. You’ll get immediate access to walk through our system. You’ll find step-by-step tutorials, connect with other Members of the Hive who share similar interests or experience levels, and get access to live events designed to boost your business and your revenue. Sometimes your business needs more than a submitting a Support Ticket. Lean on the power of our community and get the help you need to make your business thrive!

Setup and training videos

Everything you need to get up, running, and generating revenue within the first 30 days

Live Online Events

Access to trainings on topics YOU want to know more about

Product support

Who better to answer your questions than the people who manufacture the product.

Marketing frameworks

We turn the complex into easy to understand steps that anyone can implement

Community access

We provide a safe and private environment for you to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs in the Hive. Share, ask questions, make friends and business acquantances. Being part of such a community helps make success a reality.

Hive How To's

Our team actively runs ecommerce supplement stores, manages paid ads, write emails, creates sales funnels, etc, etc. The Hive is where we share how we do it all.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You’ll Get Access To When You Sign Up With HoneyComm Today!

Launch Your Own Private Label Supplement Brand Without EVER Having To Spend A Dime On Inventory

Access to the HoneyComm E-Commerce Integration ($397 Value)

Access To Our Vast And Ever Growing Premium Grade Products ($197 Value)

Label FDA Compliance Verification  ($197 Value)

“In-App” Product Rendering With Your Custom Brand Label  ($197 Value)

Zero Inventory And Fulfillment Cost (We Warehouse Your Products)  (Easily  $3500 In Value)

Same Day Or Next Day Fulfillment (Monday-Friday)   ($47)

Marketing Frameworks Provided by Our Team of Experts ($497 Value)

Unlimited Access to The Hive Tutorials ($197 Value)

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime  (Invaluable)

No Minimum Order Quantities. We’ve Got You Covered When You Sell a Single Bottle  (Invaluable)

On Demand Custom Label Printing Using Premium Quality Materials  ($47)

Access to The Hive Private Community ($97 Value)

Total Value: $6,173

Get Started TODAY

For As Low As $97/Month!

+ One Time Setup Fee

Our current app integrations include:

Launch Savings!

For a limited time, new members will only pay one set up fee, one time, for life! And it’s the SAME PRICE no matter which package you choose. Start small and market a few products, or get access to our entire catalog with unlimited orders! Get started today and you can watch that honey pour in!


Normal Price



One Time Setup Fee



One Time Setup Fee



One Time Setup Fee

One Time Setup Fee for ALL PACKAGES


*Setup fees cover Account Dashboard Creation & Set-up, Product Count Limit Set-up & Access, Selling Channels Set-up & Access, Hive Account Set-up & Access

Look What Can Happen When You Join Forces With HoneyComm!

“I cannot recommend Honeycomm highly enough. Their process from start to finish is seamless. There’s no overhead front loading inventory, no headaches with fulfilling and shipping products, and the products are extremely high quality. We launched our nutrition line and had over $60,000 in sales in the first three months without a dollar spent in marketing. I look forward to continuing to growing our brand and impacting lives through our partnership with Honeycomm.”

Cody Bobay, CEO of Gibborim Studios

By the Numbers

Industry: Nutrition and Fitness Brand

Advertising Type: Influencer – All Social Posting

 Advertising Cost: $0

Upfront Inventory Cost: $0

Launch Week Sales: $12,925.31

First 90 Days Sales: $60,788.47

Average Gross Profit: 49.2%

Total Profit: $29,907.93

Our Promise To You

We know that you’re going to love using HoneyComm to grow your private label supplements E-commerce business. Not to mention all of the help, support, and trainings you’ll find in the Hive private community.

To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, we offer a “No Contract Cancel Anytime” promise with our monthly plans, making it easy for you to check out what all the buzz is about.

Now It’s YOUR TURN To Start Making The Honey!

The Fastest, Most Affordable Way to Get Your Supplements to Market. Sourcing, Formulating, Manufacturing, Packing, Storing, Shipping… HoneyComm Automates it All.